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Completed! A way for files to be deleted using a file key.


Added clippy :)

Added file upload progress to the submit page.

Jazzed up some of the other pages on the site.

Changed "Quotes" to "Boards" in the nav bar. This is in an effort to make the site easier to navigate.

Added a search endpoint to the API.

Brought an API online, more info here.

Added a "more" page in the nav bar in place of updates, as there are more pages I want to show.

Did an admin page for me because im cool like that :D

Added a copy URL button on the frontpage beneath the current shitpost of the day.

The quotes page is now functional and users can now submit quotes to the board.

You can now delete files with the file key you get when you upload a file by entering it into the box on the homepage.

Added a page that displays when your file has uploaded. It shows you the file key and file URL.

Added a title bar with RGB!

Made changes to the upload scirpt to prepare for file keys.

We have moved to thedailyshitpost.net and have moved to new hosting! Videos now load alot faster.

you think you are better than me?

For real, it would be great if you have any ideas for this site. You can message me on discord at MrRazamataz#6614 or email [email protected]. Thanks!